FAQs about Early Childhood Centers' Reopening Protocol

Page last updated 11:33 AM - 10 November 2021

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General FAQs

Will capacity be raised to 100% soon, just like in primary schools?

The protocols for children 6 years and younger are the same for both ECCs and for primary schools.

Should we maintain the recommended social distance if the bubble is isolated?

According to the updated protocols, the physical distance requirement has been changed to a recommendation of 1 meter where possible.

Is water and sand play allowed for children in ECCs?

Water play is allowed if children maintain the recommended 1 metre of physical distance and all other health and safety measures are adhered to. According to the protocols under “Shared Resources/ Materials”, all equipment and playgrounds should be sanitized after each use where possible. The use of soft toys and those with hard-to-clean parts should be avoided.

What about sensory play within the bubble?

Individual sensory play is encouraged. If the items involved need to be shared, then sanitization is required after each use.

Can we use the clinic as isolation room?

Yes, a clinic, an administrative office, or a separate classroom can be used as an isolation room. Please refer to the DHA guidelines for more information on how to set up an isolation room here: https://www.dha.gov.ae/Asset%20Library/HealthRegulation/StandardsForClinicsInNurseriesELCs.pdf

Do we need to have a nurse for the ECC? 

Yes. According to DHA guidelines, the management of an ECC must appoint a full-time DHA licensed Registered Nurse (RN) to be present during the operating hours.&

Our staff vaccination numbers are very high. Does this mean we can have more ‘relaxed measures’?

Every ECC must adhere to the ECC protocols, as per DHA guidelines. We will keep you informed of any changes.

When can vaccinated staff remove masks outside (in gardens/ play areas) with the children?

As of now, staff are not allowed to remove their masks outside. We will keep you informed as soon as any changes to the protocols are introduced.

Is temperature check required upon arrival to the ECC?

Yes, temperature check upon arrival is required. All education institutions regulated by KHDA are instructed to follow this protocol. We will keep you informed if there are any changes to the protocols.

Can we use water dispensers? 

Water dispensers are allowed if those who use them adhere to the one-meter physical distancing recommendation. Queueing should be avoided, and regular cleaning of the equipment is recommended. It would be ideal to be placed in a well-ventilated space with organized access and exit.

Are staff required to do PCR testing? How often?

According to DHA guidelines, staff who have not been vaccinated must submit a negative PCR test each week.

If you have a vaccination exemption, do you still need a weekly PCR?

To be exempted from a weekly PCR test you must meet any of the following criteria. 1) You are fully vaccinated. 2) You have proof that you are exempt from getting the vaccine such as a valid vaccination exemption certificate that is registered on the Al Hosn App. This applies to all staff, visiting staff, administrative and outsourced staff.

Pick-up and drop-off

Can parents drop off and pick up their children in the classroom?

Yes, parents are now allowed to drop off and pick up their children from the classroom if the centre allows it. However, parents should not have access to the other areas of the building during drop-off and pick-up.

Physical distancing

Does the 1.5-metre physical distancing still apply at early childhood centres?

From now on, one metre distancing is recommended. Centres must take appropriate precautions to ensure that children and teachers stay physically distanced where possible.

Are face masks compulsory this year?

Face masks are compulsory for everyone aged six years and older.

Sports and extra curricular activities

Can swimming and sports lessons take place?

Yes, swimming and sports can go ahead. Changing rooms and sports areas must be sanitised after each group of children. All health and safety, and sanitisation protocols must be followed according to Dubai Health AuthorityDubai Municipality and Dubai Sports Authority guidelines.

Gatherings & events

What kind of events can resume at early childhood centres?

Assemblies, performances, and events can take place, in line with Dubai Health Authority guidelines.


Will buses run at full capacity?

Yes, buses may run at fully capacity, provided they comply with health and safety protocols around sanitisation and ventilation, among others.

How will children be kept safe at early childhood centres?

Centres will still follow thorough Dubai Government health and safety protocols. Similar to last year, these will include guidance on sanitisation, teaching and learning materials. Unannounced visits to check compliance to protocols will also take place. The full protocols are available here.

For more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please call:
- Estijaba Service on 8001717
- Dubai Health Authority on 800342 or
- Ministry of Health and Prevention on 80011111

For more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Please call:
- Estijaba Service on 8001717
- Dubai Health Authority on 800342 or
- Ministry of Health and Prevention on 80011111
Page last updated 10 November 2021
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